LIFE is so funny, sometimes in two two’s, or in 201, or in two pull, if you just make SPORT, you could find yourself Emancipated and asking yourself WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? But that’s not why we here today. We here to discuss medical matters, the epidemic with no cure that continues to threaten our very existence.

SARS – no, H1N1 – no, Anthrax – no, swine flu- no, Mad Cow – no, HIV/AIDS – no. What then? GOGOTOXIN. Don’t Google this one you won’t find it, if you really want to know is a chick called Leslie-Ann. Is she who give me this one (the concept) ah long time ago and I now realize how entrenched it is in our society, this thing worse than gang related activity.

What is gogotoxin you ask?…well it occurs when a nerve in your eye crosses with a nerve in your arse and you have a shitty outlook on life. The cure, none, the symptoms many, the stages two, stage one and stage four. You move very quickly from one to four and death (physically, mentally, spiritually or otherwise) is almost guaranteed.

In men. In men in Trinidad and Tobago gogotoxin seems to be in “high risk areas” and among young black males. It is characterized by low value for life and high value for material things in stage one (gold, sneakers, brand name clothing). In the incubation period, there is a feeling that one should have all nice things in life and should not have to work too hard for it. This is accompanied by a feeling that those who have nice thing did not work hard for it, and should be easily relieved of these nice things.

Stage four is characterized by seeing “ghosts” ( a modern terminology for killing people) the ghosts of the persons you would have relieved of their life and property. This stage is accompanied by the feeling that these ghosts are harmless and incapable of relieving you of your life and property or making you a ghost. (The vicious cycle of life and or the vengeance of “Moko” usually result in the young men also becoming young models for coffins/”ghosts”

In women. In women stage one is sometimes characterized by the belief that licks equal love, that if he beats me because he likes me, that the more accessories and or worldly things one has equals the more beautiful one is “more bling”. In the incubation period, there is a lot of incubation and a belief that having a baby, equals having a man, and that having a man means having more babies, and that losing a man equals having another baby for another man.  Yes Trinidad this is a part of our reality.

Stage four. Stage four could be characterized by having about four children for about three different men, but not having a desire or capacity (mental or psychological not physical) to work an 8 to 4.

Other General Symptoms: guns, bullets, expensive sneakers, marijuana, cocaine, gangs, police, prison, close encounters with death, closer encounters with death, and death itself, abuse, violence, teardrop tattoos, large earring, scars, frequent funerals, videos of violence on your phone, pictures of victims on your phone, and good boys (who never interfere with anybody or was never in nothing) as your most recent dead relative.

Before you judge me for judging, judge me for saying what is very true for some people who you will see if you look out your window right now. People who we see, but don’t see, until we hear…..People whom I care for, have cared for, who I seek to help, whom I have advised, directed, assisted, taught and counselled.

Soooooooooooooooooooooo on the eve of emancipation how do we stop this disease, can we stop it? Yes we can, but not now. No immediate cure, no shot that can fix it. No doctor, no research, no priest, politician, pundit, or bush doctor.

Me and You though, WE can stop it, over time. Yea, help them take their eyes out of their arse, the small ones, the medium ones, and the big ones. Let their eyes and their sense of the I be seen in the WE, no, not the Wii, but the WE. The we who pay taxes, buy books and bury them, the WE that is family, community, village and nation. If you don’t know anyone with gogotoxin then you may already have the cure, but what are you doing with the vial that you holding in your hand or in your mind. Help them emancipate themselves…

july 31st 2014