Bourdain ain’t one. We got 99 Problems

In a year when the patriarch Sabga-Aboud figure passed away he would be and they should be proud.  The show was unquestionable proof that this is Carib Country.

In the Year we are giving a Public Holiday recognizing our Amerindian Ancestry (First Peoples) it is sad that there was so much Caribs and yet not a Carib.  Let’s as a people make sure and do this right when the time comes.  Bourdain eh do it and he eh go do it for we.

Was this a linear historical story? No it was not.  Thus many a cry of exclusion I do not understand.

Here is what you saw sequentially.

  1. Intro: La Shaun Prescott (Liming and Wining) having some savannah soul food.
  2. Kim Johnson (Pan) with some corn soup.
  3. Doubles
  4. Indian “Boy’s” River Lime, with Curry Duck and Buss-up shut.
  5. A Quasi-Parang interlude (man singing Trinidad is Nice in the middle ah the river lime) felt kinda off to me.
  6. Syrian Segment (Grey Goose and Coconut water and their respective dishes. Kibi etc)
  7. Crime with Mark Bassant
  8. Coup/Mudd and Music (Red Snapper/Fish, Oil Down, Pastelle)
  9. Industrialisation/ Kalinda/Stick Fight – Souse
  10. Tobago – Crab and dumpling.

Here is what I saw:

  1. 2:08 Seconds Audio “copious drinking” Visual – Stag looking bottle
  2. La Shaun and Bourdain drinking Carib
  3. Kim and Bourdain drinking Stag
  4. Doubles with an Apple J
  5. River lime with real plenty Carib and 1824
  6. Mention of Grey Goose and Coconut water.
  7. Mark Bassant and Bourdain drinking Carib amid a plethora of Carib advertisements and branding.
  8. Thanks Mudd for the Juice
  9. Bourdain drinking Carib by himself in Tobago with Rose.
  10. FOR THE WINNER at 40:27 (time-slot) the man refilling the Caribs actually make it into the video.

What allyu think, the whole thing paid for itself? Anyway…

I have a kinda bitter sweet feeling that me and my friend who eat in KFC did not make the cut while those who eat by the River or on a Big Patio did.   Get a grip people (no race talk here), just saying I come from African Ancestry and communal eating with extended family is a norm.   That is my truth and I don’t need Bourdain to tell it. Yes, I really value sharing of a meal and the imagery and messages that it sends.  Have to thank Mudd and granny for re-presenting here as well.

I like how Kind David, the stick man moves between the native twang and the Bourdain twang “igotta”.  It’s a thing Trinis do so naturally.

I found the whole thing to be a bit male oriented and want to also thank La Shaun and Rose for re-presenting some of our Truth.

Some strong female images in the Tobago segment were pleasing.  back-ups, bathers.  Trinidad (meaning Trinidad and Tobago) is “oman’ too.

I have work alongside Muhammad Muwakil and if ever there was a brother to be grounded or grounding with he is one.  “Let’s Build a Nation”.  Let all ah we sit around the table and eat ah food.

Of the many issues we currently face this show ain’t one.  Super G out.



Happy Thanksgiving (Yankee/Trini dilema)

December 8th. 2013

“Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the star ship Enterprise” Star Date Dec 8. I stumbled into the house at 11:51pm. For those who have been following I have been writing an article a day and am trying to post this one before midnight (December 8).

Oh yes I know the title is Thanksgiving and by this date I missed thanksgiving (the Yankee one). I am two weeks late. My mom and my great-aunt celebrate it in Trinidad, no no turkey and eggnog, but level bursted shirt (buss-up shut) curry mango, pelau, fry rice, boil corn with pig tail, and yes lots of family. And yea I am two weeks early for Christmas but what the hell, oh no did I say hell (lol).

So hear why I so late for posting my article. I left my house at 4pm Trini time, (that mean 4:36) to go to a meeting and end up in a thanksgiving. My Trinis know what that mean – nuff hand clapping, duption, breaking of bread and rejoicing, a cocoyea broom here , a preacher there, some, in fact much quoting of scriptures etc. Mind you not even this Thanksgiving (Trini) was normal, A former Government Minister and a media man speaking (but that’s a different story)

Sooo, my friend Tanya Forbes , picks me up from the “thanksgiving” and we “pump” by my pardner “Smokey” Kevin Bramble . We then go by Jojo Kinsale and pick up a case of Stag, no, not Deers, but Beers. Now any Trini know if you went a “thanksgiving” you cyar be having Beers after, but it gets better.

We then went to a Parang Lime, by the River Lime (Bar). Now a parang Lime by the River Lime is another set a bacchanal. Parang lime means, ole rum, French creole/Spanish, coffee, a box bass and a quarto (maybe somewhere up in Lopinot or Paramin) . River Lime, means Curry Duck, tassa, roast Pepper and running water (Usually up Caura or Valencia). Trust me, all were present in the lime, a true Trini callaloo, (oh yes, I eh eat for the day). The parangderos even sing “rum till I die”, which is a Chutney. Parang, my friends is not Chutney.

Time check 12:05 and a case of stag later, and my December 8 article is late, at least it rhymes.

The moral of the story is, only in Trinidad can you leave home to go a meeting, end up in a thanksgiving, get inveigled by a friend to go and drink Stag (beers), in a parang lime, by the River Lime, and the parangderos sing chutney. Oh yes, I forget, they was selling Jerk Pork (Jamaican). Brian Lara and Dwight York drove by and Baby Killer now Mr Killer’s (a Grenadian Soca Star) song “Rolly Polly” mash up the dance. Literally and figuratively.

I come out to live my life, another day approaching 40. Did I mention that an iguana dropped on my mother’s head and that could mean somebody in the family pregnant. (A lizard usually means pregnant, but an iguana, welllllllll).