Plan B for the City

June 8th 2014  (Beetham continues to burn)

I have been in the city of Port of Spain since 1985. The days when a $10 box of Chinese food from a food van was a major menu. The days when Pizza Boys was a before and after school stop. The days of “schoolboy”, the “red band” maxi stand was on Independence Square and the Charlotte Street. The days or “hard pong” in maxi’s when Jamaican Bub/Dancehall, Rap and Kiskadee Caravan music used to play side by side in Barry Bee, General, National, Slick and Red Fury. The days of not City Gate, but the Bus Terminus, when school boys and men and women used to get up to let ole people sit down. I could go on and on, but the last one to get to my point is “the days of the ole “Beetham”. When buses used to be on the Bus Route.


My question, what is our plan B for the Beetham (Landfill), and no this is not a foolish political or cosmetic plan for the people there. This is a question about a national sustainable plan for the people here, in Trinidad. While “Rome is Burning”, we may be occupying ourselves with other things, crime, corruption, etc. I get the impression that poverty is no longer an issue here (in Trinidad or the Beetham), though I expect it to be one soon. Rome/Beetham is actually burning. It burns daily to the extent that at times it consumes the capital city and one day who knows it may consume the capital city. A modern-day Atlantis, that sinks ablaze, and is consumed not by a watery grave but a leachatey grave, the fires being stoked by the methane that the landfill generates. Not to mention the potential calamity of a WASA Wastewater Treatment Plant buffer to National Petroleum. Alarmist you may call me, but until disproven we just living on a prayer.

Now long time (20 years ago) when I was a young man I thought that Beetham was a terrible place to pass, smoke, smell, and a terrible sight (the drains particularly). That has significantly changed but plan C (CEPEP) cannot be plan B. This change I am partially attributing to CEPEP, which seems to be a Godsent for politicians and part-time workers alike. As I write I look outside at the rain and thank God for it, less fires, maybe more leachate and methane. Keeping Trinidad cool, thank you God. But what are we doing Trinidad, more rain equals floods too and why, waste, waste, and waste.

What is the plan B for the Beetham? when you drive to work tomorrow, look left, do you notice the size of the mound-tain of refuse that we are generating, in this landfill. I wonder what the ratio of garbage to “fill” is. To me everything about the Beetham Landfill is wrong. We the people, the authorities just continue to let it B. We seem to love the Bottlenecks (traffic when it burns and covers the city in smoke), or Be Bewildered (not understanding why) , by what may be the options for getting rid of them. No Body is saying.  Sometimes we just allow ourselves to be bamboozled by buffoons. Bright lights in the night blinking, blocking a lane causing you to detour, as the barber-green continues to benefit political benefactors.

Maybe we just love bottled water and beverage containers, or is it that we just love to leave bulky waste. Be that as it may, it becomes apparent that we don’t believe that we are betraying ourselves by our behavior, because the effects inevitably bite us on the behind and in the behind or in our handbag and wallets in our back pockets. Bites us and the generations we leave behind. I cannot blame who plan this place, but I cannot seem to identify who planning this place.

So what’s it gonna B, because the blaze obliterating the beauty as the Beetham burns.

Signed Marshal Mc Clean.