LIFE is so funny, sometimes in two two’s, or in 201, or in two pull, if you just make SPORT, you could find yourself Emancipated and asking yourself WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? But that’s not why we here today. We here to discuss medical matters, the epidemic with no cure that continues to threaten our very existence.

SARS – no, H1N1 – no, Anthrax – no, swine flu- no, Mad Cow – no, HIV/AIDS – no. What then? GOGOTOXIN. Don’t Google this one you won’t find it, if you really want to know is a chick called Leslie-Ann. Is she who give me this one (the concept) ah long time ago and I now realize how entrenched it is in our society, this thing worse than gang related activity.

What is gogotoxin you ask?…well it occurs when a nerve in your eye crosses with a nerve in your arse and you have a shitty outlook on life. The cure, none, the symptoms many, the stages two, stage one and stage four. You move very quickly from one to four and death (physically, mentally, spiritually or otherwise) is almost guaranteed.

In men. In men in Trinidad and Tobago gogotoxin seems to be in “high risk areas” and among young black males. It is characterized by low value for life and high value for material things in stage one (gold, sneakers, brand name clothing). In the incubation period, there is a feeling that one should have all nice things in life and should not have to work too hard for it. This is accompanied by a feeling that those who have nice thing did not work hard for it, and should be easily relieved of these nice things.

Stage four is characterized by seeing “ghosts” ( a modern terminology for killing people) the ghosts of the persons you would have relieved of their life and property. This stage is accompanied by the feeling that these ghosts are harmless and incapable of relieving you of your life and property or making you a ghost. (The vicious cycle of life and or the vengeance of “Moko” usually result in the young men also becoming young models for coffins/”ghosts”

In women. In women stage one is sometimes characterized by the belief that licks equal love, that if he beats me because he likes me, that the more accessories and or worldly things one has equals the more beautiful one is “more bling”. In the incubation period, there is a lot of incubation and a belief that having a baby, equals having a man, and that having a man means having more babies, and that losing a man equals having another baby for another man.  Yes Trinidad this is a part of our reality.

Stage four. Stage four could be characterized by having about four children for about three different men, but not having a desire or capacity (mental or psychological not physical) to work an 8 to 4.

Other General Symptoms: guns, bullets, expensive sneakers, marijuana, cocaine, gangs, police, prison, close encounters with death, closer encounters with death, and death itself, abuse, violence, teardrop tattoos, large earring, scars, frequent funerals, videos of violence on your phone, pictures of victims on your phone, and good boys (who never interfere with anybody or was never in nothing) as your most recent dead relative.

Before you judge me for judging, judge me for saying what is very true for some people who you will see if you look out your window right now. People who we see, but don’t see, until we hear…..People whom I care for, have cared for, who I seek to help, whom I have advised, directed, assisted, taught and counselled.

Soooooooooooooooooooooo on the eve of emancipation how do we stop this disease, can we stop it? Yes we can, but not now. No immediate cure, no shot that can fix it. No doctor, no research, no priest, politician, pundit, or bush doctor.

Me and You though, WE can stop it, over time. Yea, help them take their eyes out of their arse, the small ones, the medium ones, and the big ones. Let their eyes and their sense of the I be seen in the WE, no, not the Wii, but the WE. The we who pay taxes, buy books and bury them, the WE that is family, community, village and nation. If you don’t know anyone with gogotoxin then you may already have the cure, but what are you doing with the vial that you holding in your hand or in your mind. Help them emancipate themselves…

july 31st 2014


The greatest Equalisers

July 6th 2014 (World Cup time)

Life I have found can be full of agonising moments.  In Trinidad I/we often make mention of the vengeance of Moko when I/we see something we don’t like taking place.  For a true trini Moko is the great equaliser. What do I mean by equaliser.  1. Things that make us want to get equal or equity or justice no matter who we are or where we are and 2. Things that make us immediately feel empathy or sympathy.

I feel in this game of life there is a universal language and a universal plane on which injustice takes place.  In like manner there are some persons and events across the globe that create retributive justice or make us feel equal.  This is my list of “equalisers (nine to be exact), and I hope regardless of whichever team you support, you will enjoy or at least understand them.

  1. Men/Women with a mission. In my generation they have dealt with Racism/Apartheid etc. Ah yes the ole world order or superior race injustice known in these parts as divide and rule. There is nothing like this team/theme to bring a good equalizer to the game. How, don’t ask me? There is no single script. Ask Malcolm, Martin or Mahatma, Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa big big players on the world stage, they have seen injustice in the game and fought tooth and nail, risked their life to ensure that the game had an equalizer.  Reinzi, Butler, Kwame Ture….


  1. Failure. Yes this is a great equaliser. Nothing to cut you down to size and make you feel like one of the boys like failure, known to contribute to the losses of many, but equally to the gain and victory of others who have been able to overcome. Nothing in life like a good fight to get back into the game.


  1. Death. We seem to have no finite answer to this one but friend, family or foe, old or young, black or white, European, Asian, African, Indian, South American, male or female, death seems to put us on an even keel…off the field. Game over.


  1. Rejection. Yes rejection/ejection, nothing like getting thrown out of the game. No matter what you do, there will be those who rooting for you and those who are not, red card, yellow card, nothing like a scarlet letter to make you feel a lil sorry for yourself, or for someone to be empathetic or sympathetic. I feel you, I feel your pain, I understand, you will get by. Start you own game if you like. Take your marbles and go elsewhere.


  1. Poverty. Yes poverty is a great equalizer, does your heart not go out to those in need, are you not compelled to help, give, donate, assist, are we, you, they, not human. At Christmas, or Divali, or for Ramadan don’t we all revisit our own manger, humility, strife for better?


  1. Natural Disaster/Accidents. Yes, you remember them, the floods in Louisiana, Hurricane Hugo, Earthquake in Haiti, and on and on, the boxes you packed and sent. The text to donate etc. We may have no control over when in the game it may happen, but when it does, we become equalisers. How quickly we stop when we see a car overturned.


  1. Miscarriage. Yes I put this one in, if you think it/I bad, wait till you see the next one. I am in no way ridiculing or making light of this experience; I sincerely believe it is an equalizer. Why? Most of us have the innate thing about reproduction. It is at the heart of our existence, our purpose, our survival, ability to continue the game. If you have experienced it, or know someone who has, you know that feeling when you realize the game has been interrupted, you don’t know why, you don’t know what to say, but you feel it. You know that you want to get back into the game or you want that person to get back into the game. You deserve to play like everybody else, even those who seem to be able to play and don’t/won’t want to. This is not a female only phenomena.



  1.  P.E. No no no no no. Not physical education, PREMATURE EJACULATION. Yes yes yes yes. The initiation which allows a man to really become one of the boys. Be honest men. “That never happens to me”, “what…nah”, “boy you by yourself on that one”. ‘You off the pitch and the whistle to start eh even blow” or maybe the whistle did blow and as you come on you have to go off. PE has happened to most if not all men. “Boy I must be wait too long for this game”, “was a tight game”, “was a suhweet game’, “is the position they put me to play in” and on and on. Whatever it was or is you watching the opponent different, one up, you one down, and looking for an equalizer. This is not a male only phenomena.


  1. SPORT. Undeniably the greatest of them all. As you continue to root for your teams, where you have no citizenship, where you may or may not be accepted, where you may be considered greater or lesser, in the world or sport, fandom and spectatorship we all sit as equals, watching the game, rooting for “our” team. Cricket, Football, Basketball.  The list goes on and on.  Life goes on.  The game goes on.

69 …our favourite position?

june 21 2014

Children dying left, right and centre, people say you eh writing, you eh have nothing to say. What is your position? I say 69, yes 69, that is my position, that’s not your favourite position two/ too? Shock, violation? Hear me out. But I stand by my position, dais how we like it. Somebody up-right, but somebody upside down, pleasure all how, but possibility of a little stench close and always lurking. I Ass-ume you know what I mean.

So how we get to this? Reverend Teelucksingh say “Something is definitely wrong, some evil force seems to have its eye on our babies. You better get down on your knees, you know. You better get down on your knees, we have to do it as a nation. We better watch this very carefully, it’s a new pain and agony and grief in the country,” The Reverend was referring to the number of young children who died under tragic circumstances recently. For the year there were 18 tragic deaths of children 12 and under. (Newsday Friday June 20th)

I agree with him you know, we have to pray, but I not sure about the evil spirit theory. This is a man-made situation. My theory is 69. A human created situation of pleasure, occasionally punctuated by pain/stench. How many times we see a person driving a vehicle with a child standing between the seat, or on a seat. How many times, we take a chance by the light (traffic), texting while driving, leave the car running to just grab something, drink and drive, drive without the seatbelt, have lighters around the home, matches around, leave children unsupervised, or supervise them to do wrong. I am guilty you know, I am not playing holier than thou.

Here is how the 69 theory works, we always on the outside looking in (reading the papers, listening to the news), and we are the upright (is there really an upright in 69 when some ass in your face). My child eh dead, and I cyar understand how you could let that happen to a child. What? How he could forget the child in the car? Ah mean! While we stand/lie/lay in the upright we getting a sense of pleasure because we escape, we have not erred, and escaped.

Are we really in a pleasure position? As we empathise and sympathise with the victims or the affected, are we in pleasure? Yes we are, always “claiming” to feel their pain, while their life turned upside down. The sad thing is we doh realise many times we do the same Ass ness that causes these incidents/accidents to happen, and that the stench/pain really closer than we think, so much so that some of us, every now and then get a scare, a faint or strong smell of the shit/danger that lurks. What do we do? We Stop. Change our behaviour for a bit. We may for a while, but for many back to the bad habit. Oh suhweet 69.

I predict (regrettably) that in the next two months there will be a domestic abuse season, a road traffic accident season, more killings, and the killing or robbery of some public figure that we love so much, ah “Dana” so to speak. I doubt that all or any of these will be due to some evil spirit roaming the land.

Much the same as the first half of the year we will continue to exist on the border of pleasure and pain/stench that has come to characterise our society. As I said I agree with Teelucksingh (we need prayers), coincidentally I also agree with a statement made by Archbishop Harris, he says “the vast amount of inequalities present in the country could be fuelling the violence in society”. Maybe I should change my position to a Missionary as it seems only religious people expounding and I seem to agree with their position.

What is your position?

Sleeper Cells bussing marks

Back in 2014 I wrote a piece based on “Former Head of the Public Service, Reginald Dumas, is taking issue with a claim Sat Maharaj made that generations of People’s National Movement (PNM) supporters were planted in the public service to prevent any non-PNM government from getting a second term”.

In 2014 the UNC/PP was in government. Fast forward to 2017 and the PNM is now in government and Christlyne Moore is getting government Minister’s phone bills in her mail box.  The tables have turned and will keep turning.

This goes to show one thing, all parties have the same thing, the some people, and the same type of followers, after all is Trinis. Everyone (party) have their sleeper cells.

Sadly this has little or nothing to do with that which we should formally be striving for in terms of whistleblower legislation.  Instead it parades as people willing to buss a mark for cheap or sometimes expensive political points.

Here are some of the things you can ask yourself or look for to see how well the mark buss as you consume your daily news.  As we talking about Mark allyu remember the fella who has special arrangements for exams in UWI.  Just google “Question over Mark”.

1 Look at the nature of the Act being reported– in other words what they do that allow for a mark to buss.  The examples here include a tale of two women.  One hired her sister to be her aid, the other a family relative to aid her in her constituency office.  One continued to be the Project Manager, the other did not continue to Minister. Note, the nature of marks may be similar but responses may be different.

2 Look at the person bussing of the mark. Sometimes the person bussing the mark would make a difference in how well the mark buss.  For this one let’s talk Tobago.  In this case V.A.T  tried to buss a mark about one Dr  and it did not go down to well with anyone.   Note, not all mark is mark to buss.

3 One can look at the magnitude or size of the mark.  A mark could buss about 50K, 94k or 34M or Section 34.  Any or all of them could be effective,  how people are affected varies. It could also buss in a mall car park, a hotel room, in a voice note, by a video or a pic, or it could buss by denying all or any of the above.  Note, almost anything, anywhere could be a mark.

4 The response of the person who the mark buss about when the mark buss coupled with the source of the mark.  A mark buss about one Dr. who allegedly tried to take a B out of the bonnet of a lady from the media.  The b was never found and the mark unfounded.  A mark buss about another Dr grabbing at a lady’s B’s and well you know the rest.   Note, some marks have to be well founded.

Also of importance in today’s society is which media carry the story as this could also affect how a mark buss.  Some other questions that arise when a mark buss include but are not limited to: What was the price of oil and gas when the mark buss? Or how much money was in the stabilization fund when the mark buss?

Mark bussing is always in season so keep your eyes and ears open for a mark.  The thing is that these sleeper cell exist primarily in the service of the two major political group of the country exposing bad behavior for political gain.  I wonder when the sleeper cells busy bussing marks if they realize that neither of these groups can do without the other.  They both form the parliament and neither part can win and election without the support of people from the other side.

Coming back to Sat it is clear nobody have no monopoly on mark bussing in sweet T & T, it has become an element of our democracy.  I am of the opinion that the activity of the these “sleeper cells” in some instances are illegal and or break some corporate rules and regulations.  As a people we need to ask ourselves, when these “marks buss”  are we dealing with matters of national interest in a formal, structured, productive and planned manner, or are we emotionally responding and being pawns in some game.

On the other hand when will we see or ask for legislation that will facilitate whistle-blowing as opposed to mark bussing?  Then is when we will all win.

Plan B for the City

June 8th 2014  (Beetham continues to burn)

I have been in the city of Port of Spain since 1985. The days when a $10 box of Chinese food from a food van was a major menu. The days when Pizza Boys was a before and after school stop. The days of “schoolboy”, the “red band” maxi stand was on Independence Square and the Charlotte Street. The days or “hard pong” in maxi’s when Jamaican Bub/Dancehall, Rap and Kiskadee Caravan music used to play side by side in Barry Bee, General, National, Slick and Red Fury. The days of not City Gate, but the Bus Terminus, when school boys and men and women used to get up to let ole people sit down. I could go on and on, but the last one to get to my point is “the days of the ole “Beetham”. When buses used to be on the Bus Route.


My question, what is our plan B for the Beetham (Landfill), and no this is not a foolish political or cosmetic plan for the people there. This is a question about a national sustainable plan for the people here, in Trinidad. While “Rome is Burning”, we may be occupying ourselves with other things, crime, corruption, etc. I get the impression that poverty is no longer an issue here (in Trinidad or the Beetham), though I expect it to be one soon. Rome/Beetham is actually burning. It burns daily to the extent that at times it consumes the capital city and one day who knows it may consume the capital city. A modern-day Atlantis, that sinks ablaze, and is consumed not by a watery grave but a leachatey grave, the fires being stoked by the methane that the landfill generates. Not to mention the potential calamity of a WASA Wastewater Treatment Plant buffer to National Petroleum. Alarmist you may call me, but until disproven we just living on a prayer.

Now long time (20 years ago) when I was a young man I thought that Beetham was a terrible place to pass, smoke, smell, and a terrible sight (the drains particularly). That has significantly changed but plan C (CEPEP) cannot be plan B. This change I am partially attributing to CEPEP, which seems to be a Godsent for politicians and part-time workers alike. As I write I look outside at the rain and thank God for it, less fires, maybe more leachate and methane. Keeping Trinidad cool, thank you God. But what are we doing Trinidad, more rain equals floods too and why, waste, waste, and waste.

What is the plan B for the Beetham? when you drive to work tomorrow, look left, do you notice the size of the mound-tain of refuse that we are generating, in this landfill. I wonder what the ratio of garbage to “fill” is. To me everything about the Beetham Landfill is wrong. We the people, the authorities just continue to let it B. We seem to love the Bottlenecks (traffic when it burns and covers the city in smoke), or Be Bewildered (not understanding why) , by what may be the options for getting rid of them. No Body is saying.  Sometimes we just allow ourselves to be bamboozled by buffoons. Bright lights in the night blinking, blocking a lane causing you to detour, as the barber-green continues to benefit political benefactors.

Maybe we just love bottled water and beverage containers, or is it that we just love to leave bulky waste. Be that as it may, it becomes apparent that we don’t believe that we are betraying ourselves by our behavior, because the effects inevitably bite us on the behind and in the behind or in our handbag and wallets in our back pockets. Bites us and the generations we leave behind. I cannot blame who plan this place, but I cannot seem to identify who planning this place.

So what’s it gonna B, because the blaze obliterating the beauty as the Beetham burns.

Signed Marshal Mc Clean.

Something Sat said in 2014

June 2nd 2014

Benjai, our resident “Tim the Tool Man”, this year came out with a one size fits all song which many of us have not yet realized may possess the answer to many recurring statements of contention in our society.  In this instance I point to one by Sat Maharaj.

Hear some of the lyrics:

“Leave meh leh me do it nah      [Free up]        Allow meh leh meh do it nah”

“Former Head of the Public Service, Reginald Dumas, is taking issue with a claim Sat Maharaj made that generations of People’s National Movement (PNM) supporters were planted in the public service to prevent any non-PNM government from getting a second term”. Maharaj made the claim during an Indian Arrival Day function hosted by the Maha Sabha in Debe on Friday. Invitation, microphone, audience… media “llow him”

The long and short of it,  we have to allow the Sat’s to say what they have to say, because they come out to play ay ay ay ay ay ay  The microphone, the audience, the clap/applaud, and the media often makes the difference in the level of the appeal/damage one’s words can do to self or others.

When like Banjai you give people a stage and a microphone and media access it allows for some amplification. I have said it before and will say it again, I have no problem with Sat generally, he has his work to do, as do I. When and where the problem occurs is when we give prominence to things which we ought not to in the better interest of the wider society. Sometimes you just have to “llow them” just as we “llow” Benjai, Learie and Tommy who all have their audiences.

How to eat…ah mango – (Starch Tutorial)

Start here, yes right there at the bottom (yes that’s what I said by the bottom), like in the picture. I eh know one person who does start sucking a mango from anywhere else.

Look at the spot and then as you move that mango to your mouth….close your eyes and bite, not a big bite, a small one that will allow you to start to suck it.

Long time (because I am a veteran at this) you woulda put mango to quail (that is in gazette paper and hide it in a box in a wardrobe or cabinet somewhere).   When you take that out papa, mango have some likkle black spots and Snapple eh want nothing with them juices that that mango have.  When yuh bite it, you have to lick all yuh fingers, yuh wrist and maybe even yuh forearm.  But people doh put mango to quail anymore.

Long time ago they used to call me Mango Police.  there was a mango tree in an open field next to my home.  If I go to sleep at night and get up in the morning bet your bottom dollar I could tell you if a mango fall, where it fall and walk and pick it up.

You could be one of 3 types of mango eater.  You can be a Banana peeler, if so that first bite would not be to make the small hole but it would be to peel of a strip from bottom to top.  Thus you eat you mango along the length of it.

You can be an orange peeler kinda eater.  This way you make a hole (like me) and continue to eat around the circumference of the mango from bottom to top.

Option three is the knife assisted mango eater aka faces.  That is you cut off the two faces, then you cut off the two sides and then you start to suck.

Inevitably suck you will because dais wah we does do with mango.  Suck to get the juice and the pulp and to ensure as you swallow you feel the viscosity (yes I used that word here, you have a better one?)  Yuh see when you sucking and you swallowing it’s not water, it’s not juice but the extract has a certain “body” that only mango has. Pineapple, watermelon, guava, cashew, none are the same as mango, and to be very specific “STARCH” mango.

So yuh sucking and yuh sucking until the yellow starts to turn white, and then yuh suck some more.  You moving to the edges… think about it as a map of Trinidad.  The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Paria is where you would spend most of your time and have most satisfaction.

When you reach the Caribbean Sea you know the fun coming to an end.  Is like leaving Maracus. That is the point where you reach the top and you get that gentle reminder that you at the head of the mango.  The spot where it was connected to the tree, where you know…is a starch.

For good measure one more round.  You start to feel the diminishing returns, less suhweetness, less juice and more fibre is now stuck between your teeth. The fiber and the discomfort of it outweigh the sweetness of a minute ago.  Sooooooooo you done suck mango.


Now onto the next mango because no self-respecting person worse yet Trinidadian eating one mango.

For Starch repeat process 5 times. For Julie 3.  For Dou Dous 8.  If I leave out your mango I sorry, everything else is for curry mango, chow, and red mango.

Hope you enjoyed (as much as I enjoy some good starch).  If so subscribe to the blog nah.  Please and thanks.